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Cruzzin Bucks Bank

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How To Earn Your,    CRUZZIN BUCKS!

These are our very own CRUZZIN BUCKS, that you can earn as a DISCOUNT on your purchase of any scooter from, THE HOUSE OF SCOOTERS!

1. First you can EARN $50.00 CRUZZIN BUCKS by just giving us a valid email on our contact page, once we have verified the email, then we will send you a $50.00 dollar Cruzzin Buck to your email which then can be used towards a purchase.

2. By just showing up to a retail store near you and showing this email earn another $100.00 towards your purchase of any scooter of your choice.

3. Bring a friend or family member into our retail store and receive another $50.00 Cruzzin Bucks certificate towards your purchase of a scooter of your choice.

4. Show up any  THE HOUSE OF SCOOTERS event that we advertise on our website or youtube channel and give us the code word for the day and collect $200.00 of Cruzzin Bucks in smaller amounts towards any apparel item or custom parts for your scooter,


The maximum you can earn towards a discount of a Scooter of you choice is $300.00

This amount is good for any retail priced scooter.  These Cruzzin Bucks do not apply to any scooters discounted our specials that are advertised.

All smaller amounts of CRUZZIN BUCKS can be used towards the purchase of APPAREL and CUSTOM PARTS, these Cruzzin Bucks may not exceed 50% of the retail purchase price.  NO discounted parts or specials. These promotions are subject to change.

Thank you

The House of Scooters Team

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