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Mobility Cruzzer ©

The "Mobility Cruzzer" is one of the most advanced Mobility scooters on the market today.  It is the ideal scooter for those in need for mobility scooter or  for Alternative transportation.  Look at our menu above and see our great line-up of what we consider some of the finest mobility scooters available.

We are here to assist you in any way possible so you can regain your Independence and continue to "Keep Cruzzin" Being that our parent company is the importer of these great units it allows us to pass on the saving to the public just like a factory direct store.


Lance Power Scooters

Lance scooters are without a doubt one of the leading scooters today for Pleasure and Alternative transportation.  Their sleek and rugged designs are unchallenged. 

Their warranty, construction far exceeds that of its competition.

The affordability of these scooters makes them the leading choice for those looking for "the Best That Money can Buy" with confidence. 

Come to The House of Scooters and be pleasantly impressed!

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E-Phat Cruzzer ©
All new, All Electric, A Fun To go CRUZZIN Scooter. 
Quality in every way, comes in various colors, custom designs and priced right.

Please, Check our menu above for more styles.



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